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Sometimes a problem is a disguised opportunity...
Champions find a way when no way seems possible...

We provide confidential business and entrepreneurship advisory services...tools to help your success...with direct experience in diverse markets...anything that moves or grows to enhance life...including transportation, motorsports, lean manufacturing, energy resources, organic agriculture, education, new product development, and software development. Executive and strategic advisory...from startup to maturity...equity based.

We participate in strategy development, acquisition and divestitures, exit strategies (public, private, equity, debt), buyers and sellers of businesses or proprietary intellectual property, valuations, strategic business plans, due diligence, and capital resource management. We also mentor students and entrepreneurs launching diverse new concepts and proprietary technologies.

Contact us to learn more. In this era of information overload, this website is purposefully brief, as Mark Twain stated..."if I had more time I would have written a shorter letter..."

Onward & Upward...

Union Hill Ventures
Union Hill, Minnesota
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Does practice make perfect?
Perfect practice makes perfect...

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